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Empty wine glasses

The philosophy of winemaking you will encounter in your average book on the subject will run along the lines of :-

  • Ensure everything is so sterile you could perform heart surgery with it,
  • Brew it up with the care and attention you would normally reserve for making dynamite and
  • Leave it to mature for at least a couple of years.

We are realists. We look at this philosophy and say, well, sure, but...
Thus we give you:

Our Philosophy

  • Ensure everything has been washed at least that day.
  • Bang up a gallon of wine whenever you get a free half hour or so.
  • Leave it to mature until you want to drink it. Ideally this should be longer than a day.

But more important than anything else are :

The Fundamental Rules of Winemaking.

  1. If it doesn't move, ferment it.
  2. If in doubt, guess.
  3. If you can't afford it, sod it.
  4. If you need it, but can't afford it, improvise.
  5. Never throw anything away. If its crap, blend it and/or mature it.
  6. The more wine you have, the more popular you will become.
  7. You will never get 6 bottles to the gallon.
Remember : who needs a wine press if a bucket and a clean foot will do?

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