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Alchemy Summary Tables

All Alchemy skills require membership of the Alchemists' Guild.

Alchemy uses the Craft list-multiplier.

Storage [cost: 10]

Skill cost Notes
Make Pouch 5 for storing powders
- Seal Pouch 5 protect contents against water
Make Vial 5 for storing potions
- Seal Vial 5 protect contents against water
Make Bomb 5 for storing and detonating explosives
- Seal Bomb 5 protect contents against water
Make Talisman 5 can be any good quality item; doesn't require sealing

Mix Powder [cost: 20]

Powder cost Notes
Itching 10 causes itching for up to 3 minutes
Sneezing 10 causes sneezing for up to 3 minutes
Blinding 10 causes blindness and pain for 10 seconds
Stabilise Powder 10 protects powders against fire

Mix Potion [cost: 30]

Potion cost Notes
Healing 15 recouperate 3 life points
Hallucinogen 15 distorts sensory perception for 3 minutes
Sight 15 increases perception for 3 minutes
Strength 15 grants the equivalent of a Feat of Strength
Sleep 15 puts you to sleep for 3 minutes
Stabilise Potion 15 protects potions against fire

Mix Explosive [cost: 40]

Explosive cost Notes
Incendiary 20 standard fireball-type explosion
Flash 20 blinds all who see it
Sonic 20 deafens all who hear it
Stun 20 stuns all in range
Concussion 20 knocks back all in range
Stabilise Explosive 20 ensures only intentional explosions

Alchemical Research

Skill cost Notes
Analyse 10 eps + 10 banes determine the component properties of a mixture
Identify 10 eps + 10 banes pre-req: Analyse; identify the effects of an analysed mixture
Seperate 10 eps + 10 banes seperate mixture into component properties
Extract 10 eps + 10 banes extract an isolated property
Invert 10 eps + 10 banes reverse the effects of a property
Taint 10 eps + 10 banes taint one property with another
Combine 10 eps + 10 banes combine properties to produce something new
Bind 10 eps + 10 banes pre-req: Make Talisman; bind property into Talisman
Distill 10 eps + 10 banes pre-req: Mix Potion; distill property into liquid form (ie a Potion)
Condense 10 eps + 10 banes pre-req: Mix Powder; condense property or potion into powder
Mix 10 eps + 10 banes pre-req's: Mix Potion and/or Mix Powder; mix concoctions together

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