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Alec Harkness

Just some middle class white guy with a web site

I build web sites for a living, and so I kinda have to have a website myself. Ideally it would be a showcase of my 'leet coding skillz, but in fact it's a tour of my life and my self when I'm not a programmer.

The Winemaking Pages
The first web pages I ever built in anger, way back in the day. Want to know how to brew your own wine using nothing but ropey fruit and raw pretentiousness? You've come to the right place.
SLuRP - Southampton Live (um) Role-Playing
Almost as old as the winemaking pages. Years ago I was part of a small fantasy LARP based in Southampton University. We wrote our own game system, which I present to you here.
I have to put something techy on this site. These are some utilities I have written. Someone may find them useful, so I am releasing them into the wild.
A collection of amusing and useful things I have found on my travels around the web.
Evil Sex Poetry
How I obtained the nickname "Evil Sex Poet" I am not quite sure, although I know who to blame. These are all the poems (evil, sexy or otherwise) I have written.
A plethora of photographs, mostly of me and my friends dressed like idiots for some reason or another.
About Me
More about me. Me, me, me. I'm great, and you want to know everything don't you?
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