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What level of philospher are you?
I've completed a Bachelor's degree in philosophy with the Open University, and am currently in the middle of a Master's degree.
What's your field?
I guess I'm most interested in Ethics and Political Philosophy. I'm interested in what constitutes an ethical person, and how that can be scaled up into an ethical state.
Having said that, Philosophy of the Mind is fantastically messed up, and I love it for that.
What got you into philosophy?
I guess originally it was a reaction againt the absurdities of Christianity. I knew it was all nonsense, but would get foxed by the pre-written counter-arguments they obtained from pamphlets. I knew I had all the answers, but I also knew that my answers stood up to scrutiny no better than theirs. Thus, I took up philosophy to refine my ideas into a coherent theory that could defeat the Christians.
Did you succeed?
Yes and no. What has actually happened is that I've seen just how much Christianity is a lost cause. It's like arguing with someone who fervently believes that the moon is made of green cheese. It's a pointless waste of time - they're obviously far beyond the reach of reason.
More importantly however, the theories that started out as teenaged frustrations have matured somewhat. While still a bit fragmentary, I reckon I have the main components of a philosophical theory that redefines ethics from first principles.
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